The Solution to Data Vulnerability and Exploitation

Developed by a team of cyber experts & thought leaders with decades at the very front line of security technology, devising the most effective solutions for government, commercial, and military use worldwide

How does STASH deliver bona fide security?

STASH is a datacentric solution. It focuses exclusively on the security of the data itself, rather than the security of those perimeters that hover around and outside of that data – networks, endpoints, clouds, servers, and applications. Perimeter methods all have holes that can be penetrated by determined cyber adversaries or algorithms.

Why is STASH the solution?

There have been +/- 185 million confirmed intrusions to date that have by-passed network, server, endpoint, and application security tools. STASH was developed specifically for this Presumed Failure. The cyber landscape is like a sniper range. You don’t know when or from where the next shot is coming from. When it does, if you have used effective protection, you will walk away whole and unharmed. Just like data when it is secured with STASH.

What does STASH protect?

It’s a widely held belief that data backup services or any of dozens of data storage facilities on cloud or off are secure enough for your most valuable data. They are not – by a long shot. These tools create a short-term ‘hold’ of your data. They don’t protect your data. STASH protects the kind of data you cannot afford to have compromised. Like HPII, IP, PII. Confidential and Compliance data. Trade Secret, Patent, and Financial data. Manuscripts, Media Dailies, and Movie Releases. Life Sciences, DNA, and Health data. Government Agency, Civil Society, and Historical Archive data. Any data you can’t afford to have compromised is the data that STASH protects best.