Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you have a question that is not listed you can contact us and we’ll be happy to answer it.

Why do I need STASH®?

There are hundreds of cyber security options to choose from in an attempt to solve what is the most pervasive and damaging business problem of our time: the compromise of valuable data. On average, large companies are utilizing 72 different tools to try and keep cybercriminals out. A costly, time intensive and for the most part, futile exercise in frustration.


The accelerating cost of cybercrime is costing organizations, on average, US$10.0 million annually. Whether managing incidents themselves or spending to recover from the disruption to the business and customers, organizations are investing on an unprecedented scale—but current spending priorities show that much of this is misdirected toward security capabilities that fail to deliver the greatest efficiency and effectiveness.


STASH® was developed specifically to solve this presumed failure, by directly protecting the smallest and most valuable common denominator in the cyber security equation: the data bytes themselves.

What kind of services does STASH® offer?

There are two main STASH DSECaaSTM (Data Security as a Service) options.

  1. STASH® Secure Data: Data privacy, security, integrity and resilience, on-cloud (private, public, hybrid) or off-cloud (company owned servers). Data is secure in-transit, at-rest, and for sharing, and can be kept anywhere in the world of your choosing. STASH® is data, network, and infrastructure agnostic. Data is visible to the customer in real time at the locations it is kept at. Our modular framework and automated implementation are non-disruptive, and work in the background with Keys-on-the-Fly® – proprietary technology activated when files are needed then destroyed after use for a trackless digital footprint. Even if breached, the statistical probability of data access is nil. No costly & time intensive integration needed. Simple and automated, completely supported, maintained, and upgraded by Stash.
  2. STASH® Hibernate is the right choice for long to very long data protection requirements. It includes all the features of STASH® Secure Data. Plus, it maintains data in an accessible, readable format ensuring it can be retrieved and is usable now and for 100 years from now no matter how technology changes over time. Hibernate was developed and architected for industries such as Financial & Life Sciences that are required to store data for decades. A STASH® exclusive.


STASH® was developed specifically to solve this presumed failure, by directly protecting the smallest and most valuable common denominator in the cyber security equation: the data bytes themselves.

What is DigitalConfetti®?

DigitalConfetti® is an array of bits of unstructured data. Our security solution encrypts files using AES 256 bit technology, the strongest available, then parses it into many multiples of small pieces.

Do other companies have this technology?

No the STASH® solution is unique. Our entire focus is on data privacy, security, integrity, and resilience.

How does my data become useless to malicious actors?

This is a proprietary part of the solution; further details can be disclosed upon mutual agreement.

How does STASH® ensure that my data is always available?

There are at minimum, 3 accessible copies of your data available at any given time, saved in DigitalConfetti® format at the on-cloud storage providers of your choice, or off cloud, on-site in company owned servers. If any location becomes unavailable, one of the other accessible copies will be retrieved from different cloud storage providers or locations. Storage of any number of copies is available for an extra fee – details are available on request.

Why is this solution secure?

  1. Only our customers have access to their data through unique patent-pending encryption keys, which are destroyed after each use. Keys are not held by STASH®, and are not saved to networks, files, or infrastructures.
  2. Data cannot be accessed, by anyone, including anyone at STASH®. Only you (or your authorized parties) can do so. We cannot recreate or replicate your data.
  3. We use an authentication method that doesn’t rely on complicated schemes, insecure SMS messages, or one-time codes that are easy to socially engineer.
  4. Pieces of data are stored in multiples, in multiple venues. An adversary would have to find all the pieces, put them back together in order, and unencrypt them all to have access – though we never say never, this is a statistical and technological improbability of practically impossible proportion. There is NOTHING that makes data more private and secure.

Isn’t this just another security product?

STASH® is DSECaaSTM – Data Security as a Service – a genuine solution to one of the most costly business problems of all time.

Other security vendors sell ‘tools’ that are used to build fences and walls, and to predict aberrant behaviour in order to attempt to defend against or to react after an intrusion. They were not built to protect data.

STASH® works with your existing security infrastructure to protect data at the data byte level. It stays with the data itself wherever it is, wherever it goes.

Best of all, STASH® is automated and cost effective. No expensive integration and training are required, no additional personnel are needed to manage the solution. STASH® takes care of it all.


Is it difficult to implement?

No – we use a web browser-based interface that will be familiar to anyone that has ever saved a file. The difference is your data is a) encrypted and b) then dispersed at the time you save the file. We offer a SAAS version for easy implementation, ready to use in 5 minutes.


API and Secure Backup implementations that operate in the background, with no impact on existing work practices, processes, or procedures are other methods by which STASH® is implemented.

Last, because STASH is a modular solution, we are also capable of custom implementations, deploying a dedicated server in our data centres or yours should you need it.

If your company or organization prefers to use your own proprietary encryption algorithms, or multi-factor authentication tools, or other legacy configurations, STASH will snap on to the existing stack without disrupting it, adding the most impactful and important piece: data privacy, security, resilience, and integrity you can count on.

What happens to the data ‘at rest’?

Your files remain encrypted and segmented for the entire time you choose to STASH them. A malicious actor or algorithm that breaks into where the data is kept, will only find unrecognizable, unusable DigitalConfetti®. Only you will be able to access and decrypt your data.

Does the data security slow down my sending and receiving of data?

There is a small overhead or latency, which equates to <10% of the time taken to currently save and retrieve unsecured data in your environment. It is virtually unnoticeable.

Do I have to save my files in a specific data centre?

No – your data can be saved to storage facilities of your choice anywhere in the world, or alternatively, we can install a Gateway Server on your network so your files are encrypted and dispersed, within your infrastructure.

All of the features and functions of the solution are included either way.

We also write to online cloud storage providers or local storage devices. Custom integrations are available for more complex requirements.

How long does data remain private and secure?

Data remains protected for as long as you maintain your account with us.

Can I mandate that my data stay in a specific country?

Yes – you can choose to have your data stored in a specified country, geographic location, or with specific cloud storage providers, and/or on specific servers.

How do I pay for the service?

The fee for the STASH® services of your choice is paid on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis.

STASH® offers an all-inclusive no surprises pricing model with the exception of any taxes, and custom integration fees only if required.

It contains all the components of our turnkey solution: bandwidth, transfers, data transactions, all updates, upgrades, troubleshooting, support, controlled view- only sharing, data sovereignty anywhere in the world, real-time faculty of data, and DLP.

There is no need for additional personnel to manage the solution.

Save millions in remediation fees, negative brand equity, fines, and the disposal of dozens of unnecessary, redundant other security tools.

Do I have to download or run any special software on my PC or MAC?

No – all the transformative routines, AES encryption/decryption, slicing/gluing, and the decision- making around storage locations is done on the gateway server.

Entirely web-based; we do not have any end user software requirements other than a standard web browser.

Can I save Database or office automation files?

The fee for the STASH® services of your choice is paid on an annual, quarterly or monthly basis.

STASH® offers an all-inclusive no surprises pricing model with the exception of any taxes, and custom integration fees only if required.

This is an unstructured data security solution – anything you can create and put in a folder. Audio files, visual files, spread sheets, documents and the like. There are no restrictions on file types. There is a maximum single file size of 4TB, though you can upload as many 4TB files as you wish.


STASH® protects the data that comprises 85% of business data, rising to 95% in the next 5 years.


STASH® works with Exchange and Oracle databases – but only archive or backup copies of the files themselves, which then can be secured and stored. We do not interact with data in databases directly.


For example, if you create an archive or export copy of an Exchange/Oracle/Microsoft SQL/MySQL database, that file can be uploaded and kept private and secure.

Can I use this on my mobile phone or tablet?

Yes – through a mobile browser just like on desktop or laptops.

What are ‘Keys-on-the-Fly®’?

When a user initiates the process of encrypting or decrypting files via SaaS, API, or Secure Backup, the file encryption and decryption keys are generated from multiple components when they are needed, and destroyed immediately after use. This means that the keys aren’t sitting somewhere they can be compromised or stolen, unlike most other encryption systems, data storage facilities, or data management firms, even those using high security hardware modules. If STASH® were directed to access your data, we do not have the means to comply. It’s part of our “your data is yours, period” initiative.

How do I keep track of where my data is?

STASH® delivers real time viewing of your data at all times, in all the locations it resides.

What is the ‘digital footprint’?

It means that once the application is signed off, the path to and from your data for that time period of use is erased – it is as if you were never there. Another layer of security to ensure an attacker doesn’t follow in your footsteps and get closer to your data than is optimum.

How does STASH® help with GDPR compliance?

Cybercriminals attack valuable data from many different angles. Their motivation is not always theft. In addition, data manipulation, destruction, and ransomware have become formidably adversarial in the last few years and show no sign of abating.

GDPR has laid down the gauntlet. Any company anywhere in the world that compromises the personal identifiable information or PII of any European citizen will be subject to fines of as much as 4% of revenue for each occurrence.

Hence, only a security solution that actually stays with the data, protecting it even when it is accessed by a malicious actor, will solve this problem.

That’s what STASH® delivers. The ability to genuinely protect the data itself, while jettisoning dozens of tools that are not capable of doing so.

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