How STASH Works

Unlike the vast majority of other security options, STASH doesn’t defend, react, predict, or deflect. Instead, it proactively secures your most valuable asset: the data itself.

When STASH is deployed, data vulnerability is reduced to nil.

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Encrypted with the strongest encryption available

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Transformed into many small pieces of DigitalConfetti®

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Multiple copies saved to multiple locations of your choice

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Protected on-cloud or on-servers, in-transit, at-rest, & for sharing

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Quantum resistant Keys-on-the-Fly® confirm user identities, then vanish

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Files are decrypted and reassembled with <10% latency

The results you want. The outcome you need.

What about Authentication?

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a critical part of the security landscape. In addition to cyber criminals, employees are perpetrating a significant % of data theft. The good news is that being able to determine whether someone is who they claim has become more accurate. STASH utilizes MFA that requires unique multiple factors. It makes accessing company data without permission, by a hacker that works for you or a hacker that doesn’t, a risky proposition. For them. Because STASH is modular, if you already have an authentication method you swear by, STASH will ‘snap on’ to your existing MFA, and add our other performance features to what you already have in place.

What about The Keys?

Other security options claim to have the ability to secure and protect the data you simply can’t afford to lose. In reality, because they hold the keys, it means anyone there (or any other 3rd party that works with them), can access, view, damage, or steal your data. STASH has developed a patent-pending technology called Keys-on-the-Fly® that solves this problem. We don’t hold them, don’t know what they are, and can’t get to them. (Neither can anyone else.) A ‘key’ part of our ‘Your data is yours. Period.’ deliverable. Genuine controlled access to your data.

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