STASH delivers the most complete & effective
cadre of must-haves, for your must-keep data

Cost Efficient

STASH is offered at highly competitive rates for mid-to-large SMB’s and Enterprises customers of all sizes. On it’s own, or at the core of the security stack, save 30-80% on TCO (total cost of ownership) for data mgt. each year.


Data security legislation & regulation have grown sharp teeth. When STASH is deployed, data is for the first time, genuinely secure. You get proof of compliance and peace of mind in one easy solution.

Data Ownership

STASH is free-standing. We don’t know who you are and can’t get to or see your data. If access were demanded, we do not have the means to comply. Your data is your data. Period.

Data Integrity

One day or 100 years from now, what you put in is what you’ll take out no matter how technology changes. And data is saved in multiples, in multiple locales to ensure resiliency too.

Data Sequester

Employees only have access to their own data. Whether individual, group, department, team, or division, you choose who has access to what.


STASH doesn’t hold them, or know them. Game changing Keys-On-The-Fly® technology creates a fresh new key each time, then obliterates it after use.


Patent-pending multi-factor authentication requires confirmation of naming, passwords, and in-motion media, a total of 5 unique factors for access.

Endpoint Neutralization

An est. 50 Billion endpoints will soon be connected in the Internet of Things. STASH mitigates the risk of ransomware, malware, loss, manipulation, or harm to your data via these access routes.

Flexible Data Locations

STASH meets all locational requirements.
Whether data must be kept in the building, state, or country, we deliver on our cloud, your private, public, or public clouds, or your on-site anywhere servers.

No Integration Required

STASH is modular. Delivered via SaaS, API, or Datacentrically Secure Backup, it ‘snaps on’ to any existing platform, network, or physical servers without disruption to the way your business runs.

No Templates

Unlike others, your data is contained organically. There are no templated roadmaps attracting hackers and malware.

Digital Footprint-proof

When sign-off occurs, your digital footprint is erased. It is as if you never engaged with STASH. You and your data are invisible.